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DJ T-RELL, one of the most underrated Producers/DJs in Chicago, has been on the scene for over 15 years and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Known for his Guest Mixes on multiple mainstream radio stations in Chicago, DJ T-RELL got his start in the fall of 1999. As he entered the last year of grammar school, his father, legendary DJ Phantom, gave him an ultimatum: basketball or music. As soon as he chose music, his dad brought two turntables home that night. He learned how to backspin in three days with “Watch Out Now” by The Beatnuts and became unstoppable soon after. He quickly grasped the basics of scratching, blending, and then learned the formula to mixing.

Under his father’s wing, he was quickly exposed to the radio industry and started working for Phantom, Inc. All the while, he was experimenting with music production, starting out on the MPC2000XL drum machine. While his friends were leaving class to go to the movies, he would go to Dr. Wax in Hyde Park, digging album crates; on the hunt for the next groove.

Once he graduated high school, he was promoted to Executive Director at Phantom, Inc, and became involved in the Juke revolution. He made a name for himself by DJing local parties at the major hotspots throughout the south side of Chicago.

DJ T-RELL has always welcomed opportunities for growth and advancement and continues to hone his craft. As a result, he was once the official DJ for recording and tattoo artist Phor of VH1’s Black Ink Chicago, the weekend morning DJ for mainstream radio, and participated in the Smirnoff Master of the Mix. As a producer/engineer, DJ T-RELL has worked with countless independent artists and was the inspiration for a few records placed with two award-winning recording artists.

DJ T-RELL is a purist and can always be found honing his craft behind the ones and twos (vinyl/turntables) and translating the melodies within him to move the people, emotionally and physically.

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